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A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 1

March 13th, 2017

A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 1

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The 2nd of March 2017 was such a beautiful spring day that staying indoors would have been rude.
I had to get out and chose to walk the picturesque round trip from Mylor Bridge village to Greatwood House.

The high tide was on the turn, reflecting the sun which was really bright in my eyes, so bright that I couldn’t see who I was saying ‘good morning’ to but there were lots of people out enjoying the day who returned my greeting. Some had dogs which were taking the opportunity to have a quick dip in Mylor Creek before the tide went fully out.
As I walked I watched the gulls enjoying the lovely weather too, bathing and playing on the boats which hardly moved without wind to ripple the water. They just turned their bows majestically as the tide changed its flow.
The spring flowers were popping out of their buds as the sun warmed them and daffodils and primroses were putting on a bright yellow show for everyone to enjoy.

It wasn’t long before I was off the road and crossing the field that the buzzards hunt over and, as usual, I could hear their mewing cries. Looking up there were 5 of them swooping effortlessly over the trees.
They seem to follow the same route around the fields and as they flew further away the little birds that had been oh, so silent, started their twittering and feeding again, flitting among the bushes.
It didn’t seem that long ago since I was in the same spot watching the swallows flying low to disturb the insect and then, slightly shocked, realised it wouldn’t be long before they will be back again.

Walking further along the creek my next stop was at the old stone bridge opposite Porloe. I was very hot and wearing far too many layers. I had dressed for early March but the weather was more like June. It was T Shirt time already.
This spot is one of my favourite sitting places. At high tide the oyster fishermen appear, their red sailed boats announcing their trade as they check the shellfish beds. At low tide the wading birds can be seen, dipping their long beaks into the silt. At any time of the tide this is the place the ducks hang out, squabbling and playing in equal measures. It won’t be long before I have ducklings to watch.

A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 2

March 9th, 2017

A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 2

On my way again, up hill to the gorse field, although the gorse bushes which should have been a blaze of bright flowers now were cut back last year. It looked very bare. Choosing to climb higher I was rewarded with my first clear view of Mylor Harbour and beyond that The Roseland Peninsula.
It always amazes me how many creeks there are off Carrick Roads, the main waterway feeding Falmouth Bay. Until you get close to them they are invisible, like liquid secret passages taking you to new places of outstanding natural beauty of which Cornwall has many.

At the start of my journey I was thankful to have worn my wellingtons as the high tide had taken the water over the track and as I entered the woods the daffodil lined path was muddy too. There is something very satisfying in choosing the right footwear for a walk and I squelched happily on, admiring the flowers that dotted the hillside that the trees were clinging to. All I could hear was the sound of the birds and the occasional call of a fisherman to another passing working boat.
This is the turning point of the walk where Mylor Creek ends and a long left hand bend leads the path into the bank of Restronguet Creek. On the water it is the main junction off Carrick Roads from Falmouth to the city of Truro and a very busy bit of water in the summer.

Just around the bend was my half way stop. I had brought a cup of tea with me and I sat down to enjoy the view, relieved to be able to take off my heavy camera bag. Gosh, I was out of practice.
Greatwood Quay belongs to the Greatwood House Estate, once a hotel with a tragic history, now converted into very exclusive apartments. It was 50 years ago last year that a boat full of men, women and children left Greatwood Hotel for a day trip on The Darlwyne to Fowey little realising that none of them would survive the voyage. The sinking of the Darlwyne is described as one of the worst civil maritime tragedies in modern times. Sitting surrounded by the wild flowers while watching the cormorants fishing it was hard to imaging such a terrible event.

There was no putting it off. As rain was forecast for later I had sat long enough, it was time to pick up my bag and start the walk home via the top road, a proper road, not a track. Once again all I could hear was the bird song. They were everywhere, leading me along and following behind. I saw blackbirds, blue and great tits, long tailed tits, wrens, sparrows, dunnocks and of course, the friendly robins, all such a contrast in size to the earlier buzzards.
Before long I was high enough up the steep hill to glimpse through the hedge St Anthony’s Lighthouse gleaming in the bright sunshine at the end of The Roseland guarding the entrance to Falmouth Bay.

A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 3

March 9th, 2017

A Walk Around Mylor Bridge Part 3

The road home is fairly straight from the sign post but I took a little detour into Restronguet Barton as it looks so pretty at any time of the year. I wasn’t disappointed. This is the main road to Restronguet Weir which is one of my most favourite places around Mylor. I was very tempted to go down to the beach but the hill is very steep and the thought of coming back up it was enough for me to save it for another day.

Back on the road home I was once again happy to be in my wellies. The farmers had been harvesting their winter crops during the bad weather and the road was very muddy. Still a kid at heart I couldn’t resist going into this field just to watch my feet sink and hear the squelch again. It was great fun and even better when standing on tiptoes as I could just glimpse Restronguet Creek over the hill.

Unfortunately the rain clouds could also be seen bubbling up in the distance so play time over and with one last glimpse of a buzzard I made my weary way down to the village and home before I got a soaking.
What a wonderful day!

Tremayne Hall Art Show

June 10th, 2016

I am delighted to announce that for the month of July 2016 some of my art will be on show at Tremayne Hall in Mylor Bridge Cornwall TR11 5NA.
Please come and take a look if you are in the area.

An update to this event:
I have been asked to bring the start of my show forward two weeks so my work will now be available to view from the 13th June until the end of July.